EMS Handbook

User manual

The aim of the EMS Handbook is to make the procedures, rules and guidelines clear and transparent to the members, allow the officers to look up things to be done, and remind EMS Officers and members of the governing and advisory bodies of their duties and tasks.


1 Mission

2 EMS structure

2.1 Council

2.2 Executive Committee

2.3 Standing committees and their tasks

2.4 EMS Secretariat

2.5 Membership

2.6 EMS Young Academy

2.7 EMS Topical Activity Groups

3 Publicity

3.1 Editor-in-Chief of the EMS Magazine

3.2 EMS Publicity Officer

3.3 Website and other social media

4 Events

4.1 EMS Meeting of Presidents

4.2 European Congress of Mathematics

4.3 Special joint meetings

5 Prizes awarded by the EMS

5.1 EMS Prizes

5.2 Felix Klein Prize

5.3 Otto Neugebauer Prize

5.4 Gordin Prize

5.5 Hirzebruch Lecture

6 EMS Publishing House

APPENDIX 1. Deadlines for applications, calls and decisions