EMS Handbook

2.7 EMS Topical Activity Groups

In 2022 the EMS has established Topical Activity Groups (EMS-TAGs). These are intended to address the fragmentation of the European mathematical community and to foster the integration of scientific cooperation across all of Europe and all mathematical fields.

Groups (of at least 7 individual EMS members) can apply to form an EMS-TAG on a particular field or topic in mathematics. An EMS-TAG shall be established by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the evaluation committee, which is chaired by a Vice-President of the EMS and installed by the EMS Executive Committee. Once established, each EMS-TAG will be evaluated on a four-year basis by the evaluation committee. Inactive groups may be closed.

The activities of an EMS-TAG would include the organization of meetings and workshops, and the planning and organization of applications to national and European funding programmes. EMS-TAGs can apply for support from the EMS for workshops or meetings through the usual procedures of the Meetings Committee. EMS-TAGs will be included in the periodic calls to nominate candidates for the EMS Executive Committee and the Standing Committees, as well as speakers for EMS sponsored conferences.

Applications for the formation of an EMS-TAG starting in the year N should be submitted by October 31, in the year N-1 via the web-form.