Individual Members

You can join the EMS or renew your membership online.

Individual Membership Benefits

The principal reasons for joining the European Mathematical Society may be altruistic:

  • to encourage European mathematicians to cooperate
  • to support European mathematicians working under difficult circumstances
  • to support efforts to get backing for mathematics from the European Union.

But there are benefits to individual members as well:

  • Printed version of the EMS Magazine, published four times a year for no extra charge
  • Free access to all issues of the online Journal of the European Mathematical Society published by EMS Press. Available in the Member Database area.
  • reduced registration fees for the European Congresses
  • reduced registration fee for some EMS co-sponsored meetings
  • 20 % discount on EMS Press books
  • discount on subscriptions to journals published by EMS Press. Please inquire at
  • reciprocity memberships available at the American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese Mathematical Societies.

Membership options

Join the EMS as an Individual Member

Individuals can apply and renew the EMS membership by paying fees online in your EMS account.

The current membership fees are:

  • 25 € for persons belonging to a corporate EMS member society (full members and associate members);
  • 37 € for persons belonging to a society, which has a reciprocity agreement with the EMS (American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese Mathematical societies);
  • 50 € for persons not belonging to any EMS corporate member;
  • A particular reduced fee of 5 € can be applied for by mathematicians who reside in a developing country from this list established by the EMS Committee for Developing Countries. This form of membership does not give access to the printed version of the EMS Magazine.

Join the EMS as a student

Anyone who is a student at the time of becoming an individual EMS member, whether PhD or in a more junior category, shall enjoy a three-year introductory period with membership fees waived. All the standard benefits will be granted during this time, except printed copies of the EMS Magazine. Please send your application together with a recommendation letter from your teacher / supervisor to the EMS Secretariat

Download the student membership application form

Lifetime membership for the members over 60 years old

If you would like to become a lifetime member of the EMS by paying a lump sum at a certain age, the fee would be as follows:

  • 290 € for persons of age 60 − 64;
  • 250 € for persons of age 65 − 69;
  • 210 € for persons of age 70 − 74;
  • 170 € for persons of age 75 − 79.

The person should be over 60 years old. If the age is over 75 the fee is reduced by 40 € for each 5 years. Please send an email indicating your age to the EMS Secretariat and you will be sent an invoice for a direct bank transfer.

Join the EMS as reviewer of Zentralblatt für Mathematik

In the case of countries where the national mathematical society is not a member of the EMS or where there are economic reasons which make the payment of the membership fee through the national society difficult, Zentralblatt may arrange this payment from the reviewer's account as far as money is available there. The rates for the fee under these special conditions for reviewers of Zentralblatt are:

  • 25 euros for persons belonging to a corporate EMS member society (full members and associate members);
  • 37 euros for persons belonging to a reciprocity EMS corporate member;
  • 50 euros for persons not belonging to any EMS corporate member.

Please address an informal application to the Editor of Zentralblatt:

zbMATH Open / FIZ Karlsruhe
Franklinstr. 11
D-10587 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 3999340

If you have any questions about Zentralblatt, please contact

Cancellation of the EMS membership

If you would like to cancel your EMS subscription or have any other membership-related question, please contact the EMS Secretariat