EMS Handbook

3.1 Editor-in-Chief of the EMS Magazine

The EMS Magazine is more a scientific magazine than a scientific journal that publishes original research contributions. The aim of the EMS Magazine is to present regular surveys of the life and mathematical activity of the European Mathematical Society. The language of the EMS Magazine is British English. The magazine is published online on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st of every year. Then it is printed and dispatched within the same month. The deadline for submission is fixed on the 1st of the second month preceding the publication date. Issues are typically 68 pages long.

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team oversees all editorial matters concerning the magazine, under the direct responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief. The views expressed in the EMS Magazine are those of the authors and do not necessary represent those of the EMS or the Editorial Team.

The members of the Editorial Team (the editors) are in charge of receiving and evaluating articles that are spontaneously submitted, but also soliciting articles, asking for them from potential authors on the basis of current events or activities within the mathematical community which may be concerned strictly with mathematical activity or with the life of the community (events, prizes, etc.) and societal topics around mathematics. Specifically concerning the publication of scientific articles, the EMS Magazine publishes surveys in all areas of mathematics, which must be accessible and interesting to non-specialist readers.

Some editors are in charge of particular sections. This means that they have the responsibility of making sure that the section is ready on time for the publication of every issue of the EMS Magazine with all the material needed including the care of copyright issues.

The list of sections: Editorial(°°), Features, Discussions, Young Mathematicians Column(°), Obituary, History(°), Archives(°), Interviews, Centres(°), Societies(°), Mathematical Education(°), Book Reviews(°), zbMATH Open Column(°), Problem Corner(°), Personal Column(°), Letters to Editors. The sections marked with (°) are under the responsibility of an editor. Any editor can make suggestions for any section, but the sections with no marks are the obligatory concern of everybody. The sections marked with (°°) and the cover material, including the care of copyright issues, are the direct responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief.

Other tasks of the Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief is also the person, who has the right to attribute a volume (year) and an issue to a paper, to consult members of the Editorial Team about pertinence, quality and priority of articles as well as to take care about eventual peer reviewing of submissions.

The Editor-in-Chief is in charge to prepare the regular reports on the EMS Magazine activity, which are submitted to the EC meetings. These reports include, together with some general and special comments, the information and proposals concerning rotation of the Editorial Team and redistributions of duties of the section editors. They also inform about updating the statements related to reciprocity agreements and about suggestions have to do with new projects.