EMS Handbook

2.6 EMS Young Academy

To strengthen the support and integration of the young generation of mathematicians in Europe, the EMS has installed an EMS Young Academy (EMYA).

Every year each EMS full, institutional, or associate member should nominate two early career mathematicians (3rd year PhD students up to 5 years after PhD, allowing for career breaks) and submit the nomination letter, together with a CV, a list of publications, and a letter of recommendation to the EMS website via the link https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/118729/lomake.html, with the deadline July 31st. A Selection Committee formed by the EMS EC will select 30 eraly career mathematicians from those nominated, to become members of EMYA for 4 years.

Procedures for the EMYA

  • The EMYA gives itself by-laws and organizational structure.
  • The EMYA suggests procedures for the development of the EMS (research plans, workshops, schools, organization, web presentation, publications, etc.)
  • The EMYA nominates a representative for the EMS EC for two years; the representative will be stand for election by the EMS Council as Member-at-Large of the EMS EC.
  • Meetings of the EMS EMYA will be supported with a reasonable budget by the EMS.