EMS Handbook

2.4 EMS Secretariat

The EMS Secretariat is the administrative body of the EMS. It is located at the following address:

European Mathematical Society Department of Mathematics and Statistics P.O. Box 68 00014 University of Helsinki Finland

Communication is primarily by email ems-office@helsinki.fi. The official languages of communication are English and Finnish.

The EMS Secretariat

  • fully assists the EMS Executive Committee and partially assists the EMS standing committees and special committees in performing their tasks;
  • is responsible for running financial, accounting and auditing processes of the EMS;
  • provides customer service to the EMS corporate and individual members;
  • maintains EMS databases and webpages;
  • prepares and attends EMS meetings and events (EC meeting, Meeting of Presidents, EMS Council, anniversary and other specific events);
  • represents the EMS at the European Mathematical Society (EMS) Publishing House (EMS Press) stand at ECM and other congresses upon the EC decision (recruitment of new EMS individual and corporate member, publicity matters);
  • maintains the EMS archive.