EMS Handbook

2.5 Membership

Members of the Society may be either corporate bodies with legal status, or individuals. Corporate bodies with legal status may join the Society in one of the following categories:

  • Full members;
  • Associate members;
  • Institutional members;
  • Mathematical Societies with whom the EMS has a Reciprocity Agreement.

Full membership is restricted to societies, or similar bodies, primarily devoted to promoting research in pure or applied mathematics within Europe. Associate membership is open to all societies in Europe having a significant interest in any aspect of mathematics. Institutional membership is open to commercial organizations, industrial laboratories or academic institutes in Europe.

Mathematical societies outside of Europe with whom the EMS has a Reciprocity Agreement do not pay EMS corporate membership fees. According to the Reciprocity Agreement, members of these societies can join the EMS by paying reduced membership fee and enjoy all the EMS benefits, except the hard copy of the EMS Magazine. Members of the EMS can also join the reciprocity member societies at a reduced fee.

Corporate members can join the EMS by sending an application letter (in PDF format) to the EMS President and the EMS Office (ems-office@helsinki.fi) in cc. The application should include full name of the organization, a short description of the society or institution who is applying, postal address, responsible person (director) and his / her email and telephone number.

Individual members can join the EMS by filling out the online form and paying the membership fees: https://payment.euromathsoc.org/ems_payment_new.html. The membership is approved by the Executive Committee.