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  • 2022Jan0314
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    Online/ Creswick, VIC

    MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Singularities in Geometric Flows: An Ancient Perspective


    MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Singularities in Geometric Flows: An Ancient Perspective Joint Symposium, 3 – 14 January 2022 Week 1: On-site at MATRIX, Creswick (via invitation) Week 2: Online via Zoom The symposium will focus on exciting recent developments in the analysis of geometric flows via soliton and ancient solutions, centred around talks by William P. Minicozzi II (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Nataša Šešum (Rutgers University). William P. Minicozzi II is the Singer Professor of Mathematics at MIT. Throughout an enduring collaboration with Tobias H. Colding, he has resolved a number of major open problems in several areas of geometric analysis. Colding and Minicozzi received jointly the AMS Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry in 2010 for major breakthroughs on the structure of embedded minimal surfaces. He gave an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2006. Nataša Šešum has made a number of groundbreaking contributions to the analysis of singularities in geometric evolution equations. Her remarkable work with Angenent, Daskalopoulos and others provide the first general classification results for ancient solutions. Nataša was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2014. In 2015 she was elected as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. The symposium will also feature thematic online lecture sessions, on-site discussion workshops and online open problem sessions with the chairs. The first week’s program will take place on-site at MATRIX, Creswick and the second week’s program to be held online - register here

  • 2021Dec1415
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    18th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding


    Cryptography and coding theory play an essential role in the provision of effective security and reliability for data communication, processing and storage. This eighteenth International Conference in an established and successful IMA series on the theme of "Cryptography and Coding" encompasses applied aspects of these fields as well as the mathematical theory that underpins them.

  • 2021Dec0103
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    Online / The University of Sydney

    Ninth Workshop on Integrable Systems


    The ninth annual Workshop on Integrable Systems will be held on 2-3 December, 2021. This workshop brings together speakers on topics such as integrable systems, special functions, mathematical physics, discrete dynamical systems, and Painlevé equations. If restrictions allow, the workshop will be held in a hybrid format to accommodate online and in-person participation. Please complete the online registration form at your earliest convenience and there is no registration fee to attend. Zoom links will be sent to all registered participants. Tentative list of Speakers: Reinout Quispel (La Trobe) Vladimir Bazhanov (ANU) Yang Shi (Flinders) Harini Desiraju (MSRI) Emma Carberry (USyd) Holger Dullin (USyd) Ralph Willox (University of Tokyo) John Roberts (UNSW) Peter Van Der Kamp (La Trobe) Wolfgang Schief (UNSW) Sarah Post (University of Hawaii) Website link: Registration link (also on website):

  • 2021Nov30Dec02
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    Barcelona, Spain

    XVI Young Researchers Workshop in Geometry, Mechanics and Control


    The 16th Young Researchers Workshop in Geometry, Mechanics, and Control is a yearly event to promote young researchers in the field of differential geometry and its relations to mechanics and control theory. The 16th edition will take place in Barcelona. This event offers researchers in the field, especially to the younger participants, a platform to share their latest results to an international audience and discuss current topics. The workshop will contain three mini-courses in key topics in the field, selected talks proposed by the participants and a poster session.

  • 2021Nov2326
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    Milan, Italy

    Summer school on advanced DD methods


    The goal of this summer school is to introduce basic and advanced domain decomposition methods to researchers interested in understanding these methods, and to give them detailed insight on how these methods reduce various error components and are used in practice. The course will cover domain decomposition methods for various problems ranging from classical stationary partial differential equations (PDEs) to time-dependent problems, passing through PDEs with high-contrast coefficients and heterogeneous problems. The school is suitable for young mathematitians (PhD students and highly motivated Master Students), who wish to either get in touch with domain decomposition methods, as well as young researchers and Post-docs who desire to strengthen and broaden their knowledge on advanced domain decomposition techniques.

  • Online/UK

    Online Event: IMA Early Career Mathematicians’ Autumn Conference 2021


    The conference will interest mathematicians early in their career, in academia and industry, students of mathematical sciences, as well as those with an interest in the subject. It will feature plenary talks from distinguished speakers covering a wide range of subjects, as well as activities to allow for interaction among the attendees and speakers. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about fascinating areas of mathematics (and their applications) from people that work on them, whilst also providing you the chance to become more involved with a professional body of mathematics. There will be plenty of time to network during the conference at our Virtual Coffee Breaks, allowing you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and find out more about the wide range of careers that are available.

  • 2021Oct0306
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    Online, Johannesburg, South Africa - Join Zoom Meeting

    2021 School on Graph Theory


    This school aims to give a structured in- depth introduction to some active research areas within Graph Theory. To raise awareness of some different areas of research in Graph theory. To systematically introduce these areas to the participants and to make known some unsolved research questions in each area. To provide a forum for participants to interact and initiate collaboration on areas they find interesting. To provide early career academics and graduate students an opportunity to explore different areas of research within Graph theory. The school will run for four days where each day will consist of 90 minutes lecture and 60 minutes problem sessions. Topics to be cover: Algebraic Graph Theory - Professor Peter Cameron, Topological Graph Theory - Professor Iain Moffatt, Distances in Graphs - Professor Peter Dankelmann, Spectral Graph Theory - Professor Stephan Wagner. All lectures to start at 15:00 GMT+2.

  • 2021Sep30Oct01
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    Online / Politecnico di Milano, Italy

    One day in PDEs


    We are glad to announce the workshop "One day in PDEs", to be held on 1 October 2021. The event, rescheduled from 2020, will also be an occasion to celebrate Sandro Salsa. You can find further information at the website As of now the meeting will be held in blended mode, hoping to be able to have it at least partially in presence, at Politecnico di Milano. For updates you can write to The organizers (C. Cerutti, F. Ferrari, G. Verzini)

  • 2021Sep2730
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    Rome, Italy

    Seminal Interactions between Mathematics and Physics. II


    The conference, organized in collaboration with the Center for Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Rome, will be held in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Corsini, seat of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (the Italian National Academy). Its aim is to gather together distinguished experts in various branches of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, thus emphasizing the interplay between the two disciplines and stimulating future research.

For upcoming mathematical outreach events, see Pop Math administered by the EMS’s committee for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics.

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