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  • 2023Dec0607
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    TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

    Conference on Techniques from Logic in Mathematics


    DESCRIPTION CTLM 2023 is aimed to enhance the engagement between domestic researchers/students and external researchers working in connections between logic and other areas of mathematics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- REGISTRATION Given the limited seating capacity of the lecture room, we kindly request you to register beforehand using the google form from the conference website. There is no registration fee! If you wish to give a contributed talk, you can also submit your presentation proposal (the title and abstract for your talk) via the same google form. The deadline for submission is 7/Nov/2023. Due to the limited schedule, there might be a selection of presentation proposals by the scientific committee. The result will be announced by 23/Nov/2023. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- INVITED SPEAKERS Julia Wolf (University of Cambridge, UK) Ulrich Kohlenbach (TU Darmstadt, Germany) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Stefan Hetzl (TU Wien, Austria) Michael Pinsker (TU Wien, Austria) Mihai Prunescu (IMAR, Romania)

  • Covilhã, Portugal

    Integrable Systems, Random Matrices, and Special Functions at UBI


    This workshop brings together representatives from several communities to discuss interactions and recent developments in Integrable Systems, Random Matrices and Special Functions. The presentations will focus on important developments in these areas, showing recent results and discussing open problems. The intention here is to facilitate communication and collaboration between sub-disciplines that construct sophisticated and powerful tools, with application to novel problems in mathematical physics. There will be 6 invited lectures, with extended time for discussion. There are no fees to participate, but registration is required. For further information, please visit or send email to

  • 2023Nov1516
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  • 2023Nov1216
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    Arpino (Italy)

    Winter School in Arpino: Sound and Fury of Modeling

    Winter School

    This is a pluridisciplinary school on modeling. Minicourses will be given by Italo Capuzzo Dolcetta [mathematical analysis], Jean-Michel Coron [mathematical analysis], Francesco dell’Isola [mechanics], Antoine Falaize [scientific computing], Jean-Louis Giavitto [computer sciences] and Thierry Paul [mathematical physics].

  • Online

    Joint Online Mathematical Relativity Colloquium (JoMaReC)


    Since October 2020 the monthly online Mathematical Relativity colloquium takes place on zoom every first Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm CET/CEST, except January and in the summer. The colloquium is meant to be accessible to and informative for mathematicians and mathematical physicists with a background in General Relativity, widely interpreted to include Lorentzian Geometry, and Geometric Analysis of various Partial Differential Equations related to General Relativity. It is aimed to present motivation and applications of particular results and / or introduce specific subfields, while refraining from too much technicalities. Next speaker on 2 November 2023: Gehard Huisken (University of Tübingen) - Some observations on quasi-local mass and quasi-local radius For more details, the zoom access and subscription to the announcements see the webpage

  • 2023Oct30Nov03
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    Providence, RI, USA

    ICERM Workshop: Neural Coding and Combinatorics


    Cracking the neural code is one of the longstanding questions in neuroscience. How does the activity of populations of neurons represent stimuli and perform neural computations? Decades of theoretical and experimental work have provided valuable clues about the principles of neural coding, as well as descriptive understandings of various neural codes. This raises a number of mathematical questions touching on algebra, combinatorics, probability, and geometry. This workshop will explore questions that arise from sensory perception and processing in olfactory, auditory, and visual coding, as well as properties of place field codes and grid cell codes, mechanisms for decoding population activity, and the role of noise and correlations. These questions may be tackled with techniques from information theory, mathematical coding theory, combinatorial commutative algebra, hyperplane arrangements, oriented matroids, convex geometry, statistical mechanics, and more.

  • 2023Oct2627
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    Online / Leiria, Portugal

    New Trends in Quaternions and Octonions - NTQO 2023

    International Workshop

    The workshop aims to present and discuss recent developments in the field of quaternions and octonions by bringing together scientists from both pure and applied mathematics, physics, scientific computing, engineering, and other applied sciences. There will be 4 invited lectures by Alessandro Perotti (University of Trento, Italy), with the talk: "An alternative Fueter Theorem on octonions and Clifford algebras" Aleš Ude (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia), with the talk: "Application of quaternions in robot learning and control" João Pimentel Nunes (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal), with the talk: "Coherent state transforms and Clifford analysis" José María Pérez Izquierdo (University of La Rioja, Spain), with the talk: "Some attitude estimation techniques with quaternions" and accepted short communications. As there might be participants who cannot attend NTQO 2023 in person, the event will be held in a hybrid format.

  • 2023Oct2426
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    Spring School On Symmetries of Differential & Difference Equations and Their Applications, Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Spring School

    The Aim of the Spring School is to bring together researchers and students working in Lie symmetry and related methods applications in differential and difference equations. Topics include but not limited to invariant solutions, optimal systems, Noether symmetries and conservation laws. Recent development in the area will provide the opportunities for future directions of research via active collaboration and discussion.

  • 2023Oct2327
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    University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil

    VI Workshop on Fluids and PDE – Celebrating the 60th birthdays of Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes and Milton C. Lopes Filho


    In this conference, we will celebrate the 60th birthdays of Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes and Milton C. Lopes Filho focusing on the major contributions of their work in the field of mathematical modeling and rigorous analysis of fluid dynamics problems, particularly incompressible flows with little regularity (non-smooth) and turbulent flows. The program will consist of invited and contributed lectures and a poster session.

  • 2023Oct1620
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    Providence, RI, USA

    Topology and Geometry in Neuroscience


    This workshop will bring together leading researchers at the interfaces of topology, geometry and neuroscience to take stock of recent work and outline future directions. This includes a focus on topological data analysis (persistent homology and related methods), topological analysis of neural networks and their dynamics, topological decoding of neural activity, evolving topology of dynamic networks (e.g., networks that are changing as a result of learning), and analysis of connectome data. Related topics may include the geometry and topology of deep learning, as well as low-dimensional projections of trained networks.