EMS CDC Funding

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The EMS CDC has access to limited funds, substantially from donations. Funds are used to in agreement with the aims and objectives of the Committee, to provide support for mathematicians from the Global South.

A formal application for funding should be sent to EMS CDC by 15th March or 15th September each year. Requests that are in line with our terms of reference will be considered by the CDC at its biannual meetings in April and October.

To apply, please send an email to the following addresses: balazs.szendroi@univie.ac.at I bengtove.turesson@isp.uu.se , containing the following information.

  1. Applicant name, title, affiliation, address, email address

  2. Motivation and background for the application, context

  3. Sum requested and budget frame (amounts already available or requested to other sponsors)

  4. Supporting material, e.g. CV, support letters.

We expect a report to be sent to the email above after the funding has been received and used.

The following are our main modes of support.

  • Financial support to individuals: We are able to partially fund a limited number of individuals to attend workshops and conferences worldwide. A condition for funding is that the applicant should be an active participant (presenter/speaker/poster presenter) at the meeting.
  • Funding for meetings: Organisers of mathematical meetings and events to be held in the Global South can apply for funding. Our funds can only be used to support participants from the Global South. In the past, we provided funding for events co-organised with CIMPA, by the African Women in Mathematics, and other organisations.
  • Reduced EMS membership: A special reduced fee of 5€ for mathematicians who reside in a developing country from this list was established by our Committee. More details on the advantages of membership can be found here.