EMS CDC Members

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The members of the committee are as follows:

Committee members

NameEmailRoleTenure beginsTenure endsTerm
Bengt-Ove Turessonbengtove "dot" turesson "at" isp "dot" uu "dot" seChair20172024II
Balázs Szendröibalazs "dot" szendroi "at" univie "dot" ac "dot" atVice-chair20182025II
Didier Ausselaussel "at" univ-perp "dot" frMember20182025II
Emanuel Carneirocarneiro "at" ictp "dot" itMember20222025I
Sophie Dabosophie "dot" dabo "at" univ-lille3 "dot" frMember20172024II
Conall Kellyconall "dot" kelly "at" ucc "dot" ieMember20232026I
Giulia di Nunnogiulian "at" math "dot" uio "dot" noMember20222025I
Elisa Gorlaelisa "dot" gorla "at" unine "dot" chMember20222025I
Diletta Martinellid "dot" martinell "at" uva "dot" nlMember20242027I
Francesco Pappalardipappa "at" mat "dot" uniroma3 "dot" itMember20172024II
Marie-Françoise RoyMarie-Francoise "dot" Roy "at" univ-rennes1 "dot" frMember20222025I
Bernd Schroersb "dot" schroers "at" ed "dot" ac "dot" ukMember20192026II
Peter Stevenhagenpsh "at" math "dot" leidenuniv "dot" nlMember20232026I


Fatima Aboud (Dyala - IRAQ)fatimaaboud "at" yahoo.com
Leif Abrahamsson (Uppsala)leif.abrahamsson "at" isp.uu.se
Claudio Arezzo (ICTP)arezzo "at" ictp.it
Joaquim Correia (Evora)jmcorreia "at" uevora.pt
Mouhamed Moustapha Fall (AIMS Senegal)mouhamed.m.fall "at" aims-senegal.org
Fabrizio Luccio (Pisa)fabrizio.luccio "at" unipi.it
Frank Neumann (Pavia)frank.neumann "at" unipv.it
Christophe Ritzenthaler (Nice / CIMPA)director "at" cimpa.info
Fernando Rodriguez Villegas (ICTP)villegas "at" ictp.it
Michel Thera (Limoges)thera "at" unilim.fr
Paul Vaderlind (Stockholm)paul "at" math.su.se
Begoña Vitoriano Villanueva (Madrid)bvitoriano "at" mat.ucm.es
Michel Waldschmidt (Paris)michel.waldschmidt "at" imj-prg.fr
Anders Wandahl (Stockholm)anders "at" golonka.se
Pascal Hubert (Marseille)pascal.hubert "at" univ-amu.fr