Proposal for EMS Summer School


The EMS invites proposals for EMS Summer Schools, including ESSAM.

A prototype event is a one-week school on a given mathematical area, with at least two courses of 10 hours each. The core programme can be complemented with tutorials and poster sessions by the participants.

Past EMS summer schools

Financial support from the EMS to the successful applications may only be used to contribute to the expenses of the speakers and the participants.

Proposals should be on topics contributing to the advancement of mathematics and its applications. The lecturers of the courses are expected to have the highest reputation in the international community. Moreover, among the criteria taken into account during the selection process, efforts towards

  • integrating early career mathematicians
  • giving space to mathematicians of all genders, and
  • making the school a truly international event
will be particularly appreciated.

To submit a proposal, please fill out the form, including the following:

  • A description of the school, containing the objectives of the school and of the courses, the importance of the topic, the motivation for the choice of the lecturers. Please indicate if your proposal lies within the remit of one of the thematic ESSAM schools.
  • A budget of the activity, with the requested contribution of the EMS - normally not exceeding 6000€.
Deadline: July 31 of the year N-1 for Summer Schools in the year N.