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Marie E. Rognes is chief research scientist in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing at Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo, Norway. She holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics (2005) and PhD in Numerical Analysis (2009, Centre for Mathematics for Applications, University of Oslo). Her webpage is https://www.simula.no/people/meg.

Her scientific work targets ground-breaking basic research with dual impact in mathematics and/or the life sciences and spans numerical analysis and scientific computing with applications in biomechanics, neuroscience, and physiology. Key scientific expertise includes numerical methods for solving partial differential equations, PDE-constrained optimization including data assimilation, compatible discretizations, automated scientific software, uncertainty quantification, multi-domain operators, nonlinear elasticity, viscoelasticity, porous media and incompressible fluid flow, electrophysiology, and computational brain, cardiac and cancer modeling.

She won the 2015 Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software, the 2018 Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters Prize for Young Researchers in the Natural Sciences, was a Founding Member of the Young Academy of Norway (2015–2019) and holder of an ERC Starting Grant in Mathematics (2017–2023). She is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, as well as of the FEniCS Project Steering Council.

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Vesna Iršič is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana. She received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Ljubljana in 2021 and has been a postdoctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University in Canada in 2021–2022.

In 2016–2021 she has been the main coordinator of the voluntary tutoring system at the Department of mathematics in Ljubljana. She has been a member of several organizing committees, in particular of the 10th Slovenian Conference on Graph Theory in June 2023 that hosted more than 300 participants. In 2012–2018 she has also been involved in the preparation of high school students for the International Mathematical Olympiads. She is a member of the recently established EMS Young Academy (EMYA).

She received the faculty’s Prešeren Prize for master’s thesis and an Honorable mention for excellent student achievements at the University of Ljubljana. Her main research area is graph theory, in particular domination, metric properties, and games on graphs. She has been involved in the research of domination games, the Cops and Robber game, the strong geodetic problem and the investigation of several families related to Fibonacci cubes.

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