Our Mission is to report to the EMS, and where appropriate to act, on educational issues relating to mathematics, including pedagogy and creativity in mathematics education, and the popularization and evolution of the taught subject. To support a broad network in mathematical education, and maintain connections between national mathematics societies, while not duplicating work that is their responsibility.

Committee members

NameEmailRoleTenure beginsTenure endsTerm
Gregoris Makridesgreg "at" thalescyprus "dot" comChair20172024II
Tinne Hoff Kjeldsenthk "at" math "dot" ku "dot" dkVice chair20172024II
Mark Applebaummark "at" kaye "dot" ac "dot" ilMember20232026I
João Araújojj "dot" araujo "at" fct "dot" unl "dot" ptMember20222025I
Ayşe Berkmanayse "dot" berkman "at" msgsu "dot" edu "dot" trMember20212024I
Nuno Cratoncrato "at" gmail "dot" comMember20232026I
Vladimir Dragovićvladad "at" turing "dot" mi "dot" sanu "dot" ac "dot" rsMember20222025I
Valentina GogovskaValentina Gogovska "at" gmail "dot" comMember20232026I
Nicolas Grenier-Boleynicolas "dot" grenier-boley "at" univ-rouen "dot" frMember20242027I
Sava Grozdevsava "dot" grozdev "at" gmail "dot" comMember20232026I
Thomas HausbergerThomas "dot" Hausberger "at" umontpellier "dot" frMember20232026I
Jürg Kramerkramer "at" math "dot" hu-berlin "dot" deMember20172024II
Maria G Meehanmaria "dot" meehan "at" ucd "dot" ieMember20232026I
Christan MercatChristian "dot" Mercat "at" math "dot" cnrs "dot" frMember20212024I
Alon Pintoalon "dot" pinto "at" weizmann "dot" ac "dot" ilMember20222025I
Chris SangwinC "dot" J "dot" Sangwin "at" ed "dot" ac "dot" ukMember20212024I
Ana Serradó Bayésaserradob "at" lasalleandalucia "dot" net, ana "dot" serrado "at" gm "dot" uca "dot" esMember20182025II
Csaba Szabócsaba "at" cs "dot" elte "dot" huMember20172024II
Tomasz Szembergtomasz "dot" szemberg "at" gmail "dot" comMember20222025I
Brigitta SzilagyiSzilagyi "at" math "dot" hu-berlin "dot" deMember20232026I
Olov Viirmanolov "dot" viirman "at" edu "dot" eu "dot" seMember20232026I

Terms of Reference - Aims and Objectives

  1. Support the EMS EC in taking a position on Educational issues at European and International level. This may include policy recommendations, and the setting of goals with suggested actions.
  2. Prepare reports for internal or external communication, bringing to the attention of EMS important education and learning challenges with suggested methods/activities for addressing them.
  3. Support the development of studies on the interdisciplinary of mathematics as a catalyst role in interdisciplinary education and learning.
  4. Support the development of mathematics curricula for students across the whole spectrum of abilities, at both school and university level.
  5. Develop channels of communication between the EMS Education Committee and school and university teachers and students at European and international level.
  6. Support a series of articles/monographs addressed to the educational community at large.
  7. Establish an EMS Education Committee External Cooperation Group of Experts. Liaise with this group to provide advice on activities related to mathematical teaching and outreach.



Contact, web-updater

Gregory Makrides

EC liaison

Beatrice Pelloni