Information on the Kovalevskaya Travel Grant (ICM 2022)

The European Kovalevskaya Travel Grants support graduate students, postdocs and other early career mathematicians who would like to attend the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM 2022 that will be held on 6-14 July 2022 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Kovalevskaya Travel Grant was established in collaboration with the Local Organizing Committee to enable early career researcher to travel to the ICM 2022.

The Kovalevskaya Travel Grant was established in collaboration with the Local Organizing Committee to enable early career researcher to travel to the ICM 2022.

The Kovalevskaya Travel Grant covers the cost of travel to St. Petersburg for early career researchers from Europe. The grants are provided in collaboration with national and regional mathematical societies and funding agencies, which will choose the grant recipients with the help of a selection panel.

The recipients will receive 300/400/500€ for their travel expenses to St. Petersburg, depending on the country of residence (please see list for detailed information). Approximately 150 grants will be available.

All local expenses (registration fees, accommodation, meals, registration, local transportation, and visa-free entry to Russia) of the grant recipients will be covered by the Kovalevskaya Grant of the Local Organizing Committee. Recipients of the Kovalevskaya Travel Grant are automatically recipients of the Kovalevskaya Grant for all local expenses.


  • Eligible are all early career researchers from: Austria (300€), Belgium (300€), Croatia (500€), Cyprus (500€), Czech Republic (300€), Denmark (300€), Estonia (300€), Finland (300€), France (300€), Germany (300€), Greece (400€), Hungary (300€), Iceland (400€), Ireland (300€), Italy (400€), Latvia (300€), Lithuania (300€), Luxembourg (400€), Netherlands (300€), Norway (300€), Poland (300€), Portugal (400€), Slovakia (300€), Slovenia (400€), Spain (400€), Sweden (300€), Switzerland (300€), United Kingdom (300€).
  • Your university, research center, other higher education or research organization and your bank account must be in one of these countries.
  • “Early Career Researchers” are defined as either R1 First Stage Researcher (up to the point of PhD) or R2 Recognised Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent) according to the European Framework for Research Careers. For more detailed information, please see this PDF.
  • Your area of research must be within the MSC2020-Mathematics Subject Classification System.
  • Please make sure that no other funding options (e.g., business trip via your department or research institute) are available.

The selection committee will review all applications and select grant recipients based on their scientific merit and academic potential. All decisions will be announced by November 30th.

Grant acceptance: All successful applicants will have to formally accept the grant. In order to do so, they will have to register on the ICM website, receive their ICM 2022 registration number and send it to the selection committee. The selection committee has the right to rescind the award if the ICM registration number is not received by the deadline. Further details will be provided with the acceptance letter.

People interested in attending also to (WM)^2, the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics on July 5 — just before ICM 2022 — should indicate it when they apply. If they receive a Kovalevskaya grant and are approved by the (WM)^2 organizing committee, their lodging will be extended for one night and their registration at (WM)^2 will be also offered.

By applying to the Kovalevskaya Grant, you give the selection committee the right to store and process your personal information.

The application should be received by October 15th, 2021. If you have any questions please contact

Applications have closed.