EMS Meeting of Presidents 2021

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The EMS Meeting of Presidents is an annual event hosted by EMS corporate member(s) and serves mainly as a forum, where the EMS corporate members can share their experiences, plans, and worries, and are able to discuss them with the EMS officers. Please check the pages of the former meetings to get a better idea.

In 2021 due to the covid pandemic the meeting will exceptionally take place online and will be preceded by the a virtual talk by this year's EMS lecturer Claire Voisin on 'Hyper-Kähler Geometry' on May 29, 2021 09:00 CEST:

The Meeting of Presidents was held at 10.00 - 13.00 CEST on May 29, 2021.

Participants list

The main part of the meeting is a general discussion. To give it some focus, we usually suggest a theme you might wish to comment on without restricting your freedom to raise any issue you regard important. For this year we suggest to focus on the topics:

“New EMS scientific activities: EMS Thematic Activity groups, EMS thematic conferences and workshops, EMS Young Academy, Flagship Summer School".


C.1. President’s report
C.2. 8ECM
C4.4.1. EMS Young Academy
C4.4.2. EMS topical activity groups
C4.4.3. Balkan Mathematical Conference
C.5 EMS Webpages
C.6. EMS Press
C.7. zbMATH Open
D.1. DMV (Ilka Agricola)
D.2. Cyprus Mathematical Society (Gregory Makrides)
D.3. ICM 2022 in St. Petersburg (Yuri Matiyasevich)
D.4. IMA: “The Challenges of Diversity within the Mathematics Community” (Nira Chamberlain)