5 September 2023

Two EMS Calls

Richard Elwes

The EMS announces two new calls: nominations for the EMS/ECMI Lanczos Prize for Mathematical Software (link) and for bids to host the second Balkan Mathematical Conference (link). These can be found along with other EMS calls, on the Calls page of the EMS website (link).

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  1. The EMS/ECMI Lanczos Prize for Mathematical Software (link), joint with the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (link) will be awarded to a mathematician or scientist, or a group of mathematicians and scientists, for the development of outstanding mathematical software with important applications in mathematics, science, engineering, society or industry. The deadline for nominations is 31 December 2023. The Prize will be presented at the Ninth European Congress of Mathematics in Seville, July 2024.

  2. The first Balkan Mathematical Conference successfully took place on July 2023 in Pitesti, Romania. Bids are invited (link) to host the second BMC, planned for June of 2025. The BMC is also supported by MASSEE (Mathematical Society of Southeastern Europe). The deadline to submit a proposal is November 30, 2023.

The EMS calls webpage (link) contains deadlines and further information on other EMS calls, including prize nominations, funding applications, and bids for hosting events.