16 January 2023

New Centre for Mathematics in Ukraine

Richard Elwes

The EMS welcomes the announcement of a new International Centre for Mathematics in Ukraine (ICMU, link).

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The new centre is supported by founding donor XTX Markets, and welcomes approaches from other companies, research centres, institutes, funding agencies and foundations who may wish to become partners.

The coordination committee comprises a number of eminent mathematicians of Ukrainian origin including 2022 Fields medallist Maryna Viazovska, while the centre's International Advisory Board includes the former EMS Presidents Jean-Pierre Bourguignon and Pavel Exner.

The first support meeting for the centre was hosted at IHES in France (link) on 12 January, in the presence of Mykhailo Podolyak (Adviser to the Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine) and Claire Giry (Director General of Research and Innovation at the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research). Six Fields medallists were also present, representing the broad support of the mathematical community.