1 January 2023

Greetings and Happy New Year from the new EMS President

Jan Philip Solovej

Incoming President Jan Philip Solovej shares his vision for the European Mathematical Society this new year.

Incoming President Jan Philip Solovej (left) with outgoing President Volker Mehrmann (right).

I am excited and honored to take up the presidency of the EMS as we now enter 2023. Today, the EMS is a very active and professional organization that works to unite the mathematical community in greater Europe. I hope to be able to continue this important work for the benefit of European mathematics, and I hope to do so both within the community but also to reach a broader audience within society at large. I would like for EMS to be an instrument for increasing the visibility of mathematics in all its diversity. One particularly important aspect of the EMS is the publishing house EMS Press. It is a real pleasure to see how EMS Press has developed into a significant society publisher offering a viable alternative to the large commercial publishers.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing President Volker Mehrmann as well as the former vice president Betül Tanbay and the former treasurer Mats Gyllenberg. They, together with the rest of the Executive Committee, have guided the EMS through difficult times. I am thinking especially of the pandemic and the many international conflicts we are currently facing. They also worked very hard to increase the engagement of members in the work of the EMS. The EMS is both a society of societies and has individual members. I am really looking forward to continuing the efforts to engage both institutional, as well as individual members more in the work of the society to the benefit of the mathematical community in Europe. I hope you as members will join me in this effort and I wish you all a happy and, hopefully, less troubled new year.

Image: Incoming President Jan Philip Solovej (left) with outgoing President Volker Mehrmann (right).