5 July 2022

Fields Medallists 2022

Richard Elwes

On behalf of the European Mathematical community, we congratulate the 2022 Fields Medallists. More information here (link).

Fields Medal Front
  • Hugo Duminil-Copin, "for solving longstanding problems in the probabilistic theory of phase transitions in statistical physics, especially in dimensions three and four".

  • June Huh, "for bringing the ideas of Hodge theory to combinatorics, the proof of the Dowling–Wilson conjecture for geometric lattices, the proof of the Heron–Rota–Welsh conjecture for matroids, the development of the theory of Lorentzian polynomials, and the proof of the strong Mason conjecture".

  • James Maynard, "for contributions to analytic number theory, which have led to major advances in the understanding of the structure of prime numbers and in Diophantine approximation".

  • Maryna Viazovska, "for the proof that the E8 lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions, and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis".

We also congratulate Mark Braverman for winning the IMU Abacus Medal (link here, awarded for outstanding contributions in Mathematical Aspects of Information Sciences), "for his path-breaking research developing the theory of information complexity, a framework for using information theory to reason about communication protocols. His work has led to direct-sum theorems giving lower bounds on amortized communication, ingenious protocol compression methods, and new interactive communication protocols resilient to noise."

The 2022 Chern Medal (link) is won by Barry Mazur, "for his profound discoveries in topology, arithmetic geometry and number theory, and his leadership and generosity in forming the next generation of Mathematicians."

The 2022 Gauss Prize (link) is won by Elliott Lieb, "for deep mathematical contributions of exceptional breadth which have shaped the fields of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, computational chemistry, and quantum information theory."

We note with satisfaction the continuation of the tradition of winners of EMS prizes going on to win the Fields medal with Maynard (2016), Duminil-Copin (2016), and Viazovska (2020) all previous EMS laureates, along with Braverman (2016).

Special congratulations to Maryna Viazovska for being the second woman to win the Fields Medal (after the late Maryam Mirzakhani in 2014), and the second Ukrainian (after Vladimir Drinfeld in 1990).