12 September 2022

EU-MATHS-IN OpenDesk: A one-stop-shop for tailor-made solutions for industry, commerce, public administration and start-ups

Richard Elwes

From 20 to 24 September 2022, the official launch of EU-Maths-IN OpenDesk will take place, a support platform for European companies created in the context of the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN, link). It aims to facilitate the access of European industry to the best technology transfer centres existing in Industrial Mathematics, ensuring at the same time privacy and confidentiality.

Opendesk Logo

The OpenDesk event that will take place online in the 4th week of September, is addressed to managers of companies, start-ups and public administrations, and will serve as a kick-off for this innovative service. The programme (link here) has two distinct parts that can be followed online.

• Part I. OpenDesk kick-off. Date: 20 September 2022. Time: 9:45-12:15. Mode: online. Registration is free but compulsory. Register here (link).

• Part II. OpenDesk B2B Matchmaking Event co-organised with the Enterprise Europe Network. This part will take the form of one-to-one online meetings between company representatives and OpenDesk members. Date: 20 to 23 September 2022. Mode: online. Registration is free but compulsory. Register here (link).

These events are organised by EU-MATHS-IN, which aims to foster the transfer of mathematical technology to the business and industrial context. This organisation is an Association of 20 National Networks of Research Units in Industrial Mathematics, promoted by the EMS and ECMI, the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (link+, that facilitate the effective resolution of concrete industrial problems, contributing to competitive and efficient processes.

For more information, please visit the OpenDesk website: opendesk.eu-maths-in.eu or contact the organisation via info.opendesk [AT] eu-maths-in.eu.