16 July 2021

EMS Magazine, No. 120

Richard Elwes

The latest EMS Magazine - the second edition in its new format - is out now! Click here (or on "Magazine" at the top of the page) to read free online now.

Mag 120 Cover

Highlights include:

  • Emmylou Haffner on Bernhard Riemann’s collected works: Then and now - a fascinating illustrated historical account of the editing process
  • Alexander I. Efimov on Categorical smooth compactifications and neighborhoods of infinity
  • Joaquim Serra on The geometric structure of interfaces and free boundaries. Plateau’s problem, the role of Elliptic PDEs, phase transistions, and beyond.
  • Quentin Mérigot and Boris Thibert on Mirrors, lenses and Monge–Ampère equations. Is it possible to shape a piece of glass so that it refracts and concentrates sunlight in order to produce a given image? Plus:
  • Impact factor, an inadequate yardstick
  • Mathematical (online) meetings reimagined?
  • The UK’s first National Mathematics Discovery Centre
  • The Weierstrass Institute
  • The Slovak Mathematical Society
  • How Romanian mathematicians support Uganda in International Mathematical Olympiads ... and much more!