A long term project has finally become reality: zbMATH has become an open access database as of 1st January 2021, allowing free usage worldwide. This is the result of a process which has lasted several years and our thanks go to all the individuals and institutions who have made this possible.

The mathematical community is invited to participate in the future development of the database. We will now be open to share data and links with other non-commercial databases. This opens up the way to new cooperations and, we hope, novel and potentially unexpected new developments in the future. We are currently working on an API which will allow much of our data for research to be downloaded for research and non-commercial purposes. Please share you ideas on the future of the database with us via editor@zbmath.org. And of course, we are always looking for new reviewers: you can register via our website: zbmath.org/become-a-reviewer/

Last but not least: we thank Springer Verlag for many years of good cooperation. zbMATH would not exist without Springer Verlag. At the same time the landscape of publishing is undergoing fundamental changes and we believe that the new model is the right direction to follow in the future.

Klaus Hulek is professor of mathematics at Leibniz University Hannover and Editor-in-Chief of zbMATH Open. His field of research is algebraic geometry. hulek@math.uni-hannover.de

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    Klaus Hulek, Short note: zbMATH Open. Eur. Math. Soc. Mag. 119 (2021), p. 50

    DOI 10.4171/MAG/11
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