Senior Lecturer in Mathematics with specialisation in Scientific Computing

Lund University | Lund, Sweden

Classification: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

The Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University is seeking to hire a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics with specialisation in Scientific Computing. The Centre for Mathematical Sciences has around 150 employees, with approximately 40 in the division Mathematics, Faculty of Science, where this position is situated. Research at the Centre is conducted in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Operator Theory and Complex Analysis, Linear and Nonlinear PDEs, Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Image Analysis, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, as well as Mathematical Statistics, Probability Theory, and Mathematical Didactics. The degree courses lead to Bachelor, Master, and PhD degrees and, at the Faculty of Engineering, to Civil Engineering degrees. Research in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis at the Centre focuses on numerical methods and software for differential equations. We are looking for a candidate that expands our expertise in a modern direction of scientific computing, preferably with a connection to statistics in a broad sense. Examples are uncertainty quantification, stochastic differential equations, model order reduction, scientific machine learning or the relation to data based models. The position mainly entails research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (especially related to scientific computing and numerical analysis). The faculty of science is starting two new master programs in computational science which the successful candidate is expected to contribute to. Supervision of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students is included in the teaching duties. The amount of teaching is at most 60 % of full time. Administration tasks can be included. The work assignments of the position, as well as the relative proportions of research and teaching, may change over time. The successful candidate is expected to contribute to the research group in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, for example via joint research activities and seminars. Furthermore, applying for external funding and developing interdisciplinary collaborations as well as collaborations within Mathematics, both with other departments within the University and with other universities, is expected. For more information and instructions on how to apply, please follow the link.

Last updated: 13 January 2023

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