Research Technician on metaheuristic optimization of solid state materials

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics | Bilbao


Basque Center for Applied Mathematics is offering a Research Technician position. We have recently developed a novel metaheuristic methodology for optimizing the distribution of atoms and vacancies in solid-state materials. Our approach is currently programmed in the package Julia and has been tested in the solid-state electrolyte LLZO. The researcher will rewrite/reformat the code, as well as write a manual to share it with the wider community. He/she will also investigate the optimal set of parameters to maximize the algorithm’s performance, and work on the implementation of additional features. Requirements: • M.Sc. or B.Sc. degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and related disciplines. Skills and track record: • Good interpersonal skills. • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative research team. • Ability to effectively communicate and present research ideas to researchers and stakeholders with different backgrounds. • Fluency in spoken and written English. The preferred candidate will have: • Solid programming skills in Julia. Candidates without specific knowledge of Julia but excellent skills in structurally similar languages such as Python, MATLAB, C++ or Ruby may be considered. • Background in optimization methods. Specific knowledge in metaheuristic techniques such as simulated annealing of harmonic search is highly desirable. • Experience with molecular dynamics codes (GROMACS, LAMMPS, etc.) is desirable.

Last updated: 27 August 2022

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Apply by 29 September 2022

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