Research Fellow in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis (surface-bulk PDEs)

Monash University | Melbourne, Australia


The School of Mathematics at Monash University invites applicants for the position of Research Fellow to work on advanced numerical discretisations of multiphysics PDEs on dynamic surfaces and surface-bulk coupling under the guidance of Professor Santiago Badia. The project involves the design and numerical analysis of variational space-time discretisations and unfitted and hybridisable schemes on cut meshes. Possible extensions include nonlinear approximation techniques, e.g., interpolated neural networks, advanced geometric multigrid and domain decomposition preconditioners, inverse problems and data assimilation. The team’s research is partially supported by the Australian Research Council for the development and analysis of novel nonlinear, multiphysics, and multiscale PDE systems. The candidate will integrate all these developments into the Gridap project, a parallel Julia code for grid-based approximation of PDEs. Applicants must have a PhD in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or a related field. Applicants must have a strong theoretical background in the numerical approximation of PDEs using finite element methods and expertise in efficiently implementing these algorithms. Depending on the candidate's experience level, this role may be filled at Level A or Level B. Please refer to the position description attached to this advertisement for different levels.

Last updated: 6 February 2023

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Apply by 30 March 2023

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