Research Fellow in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis (polytopal methods)

Monash University | Melbourne, Australia


The School of Mathematics at Monash University invites applicants for the position of Research Fellow to work on a project in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. The successful candidate will work under the guidance of Professors Jérôme Droniou and Santiago Badia on the ARC-funded project “Interface-aware numerical methods for stochastic inverse problems”. The role includes the design and analysis of hybrid high-order schemes for partial differential equations with interfaces. The methods will rely on polytopal meshes obtained from adaptive tree-based unfitted meshes. The research also includes optimal and scalable parallel multilevel solvers for the discrete systems arising from hybrid approximations. The role will possibly include the combination of these tools with multilevel Monte Carlo methods and its application to stochastic inverse problems in subsurface modelling. Applicants must have a PhD in Mathematics or a related field, with a strong background in numerical methods for partial differential equations.

Last updated: 6 February 2023

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Apply by 30 March 2023

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