Professor of Machine Learning Methods

University of Graz | Graz, Austria


The IDea_Lab of the University of Graz is seeking to appoint a Professor of Machine Learning Methods (40 hours per week; selection procedure in accordance with Section 98 of the Universities Act (UG); permanent employment according to the Austrian Law on Salaried Employment (AngG); expected starting date March 1st 2024) The professorship represents the area Machine Learning Methods and combines basic methodological research of machine learning with interdisciplinary applications. Central research topics of the position holder may include but are not limited to the development of novel techniques of reinforced learning, generative models, uncertainty quantification of neural networks, or questions of transparency, accountability and explainability of artificial intelligence (AI). In partnership with the professorship “Data Analysis”, the professorship is expected to build up the methodological expertise of the cross-faculty IDea_Lab and foster its further development. The position holder has an intrinsic interest to communicate the subject and build a network of interest across the faculties of the University of Graz.

Last updated: 2 June 2023

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