Postdoc position in mathematical analysis of fluid mechanics

Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences | Prague


The Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IM CAS) is seeking a researcher for the Praemium Academiae project “Fluid-structure interaction problems: mathematical analysis and applications” coordinated by professor Šárka Nečasová and funded by the Czech Academy of Sciences. We invite applications from candidates who have completed their PhD degree in Mathematics within the last 5 years or will complete their PhD before December 2023. Applicants should have a good background in the theory of partial differential equations and mathematical analysis of fluid mechanics. Knowledge of the modern theory of partial differential equations, strong and weak solutions, and Sobolev spaces is necessary. Some experience with modelling fluid-structure interaction is welcome. Appointment period: 12 months Please apply ONLY through our online application system where you can also find the official announcement.

Last updated: 5 November 2023

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