Post-doctoral position (ERC)

University of Strasbourg | Strasbourg


The project Integrating Spectral and Geometric data on Moduli Spaces (InSpeGMoS) has been awarded an Advanced ERC Grant by the European Commission for the period 2023-2028. This funding will allow to hire several post-doc researchers and PhD students, and in particular applications are open for a two-year post-doctoral position for 2024/26. InSpeGMoS is focussed on the geometry and spectrum of random objects (specifically, hyperbolic surfaces and discrete graphs). The central object of study is the Weil-Petersson measure on the moduli space of compact hyperbolic surfaces. The overall goal is to develop new integration techniques that will allow to study geometric and spectral data of random hyperbolic surfaces, with an aim to establishing limit theorems. The project involves various branches of mathematics (geometry, probability, analysis, spectral theory…) We welcome applicants with various backgrounds, provided they are willing to learn other topics.

Last updated: 8 May 2024

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