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PhD in Regensburg The CRC 1085 "Higher Invariants" announces several PhD-positions starting in fall 2022 or sooner. Most of them are located at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Regensburg, with external locations at TU Munich and the University of Essen. We are seeking candidates interested in the areas of the following subprojects: - A 03 Cycle Classes in p-Adic Cohomology (Kerz) - A 05 Tropical Approaches to Arakelov Theory (Künnemann) - A 07 Coarse Homotopy Theory (Cisinski-Bunke) - A 10 Higher Categories of Correspondences (Cisinski-Hoyois-Scheimbauer) - B07 Non-Archimedean Pluri-Potential Theory (Gubler-Künnemann) - B08 Higher Structures in Functorial Field Theory (Ludewig-Scheimbauer) - B09 Index Theory on Submanifold Complements (Ammann-Ludewig) For further information we refer to the homepage of the CRC at "" Interested candidates should preferably contact one of the prospective advisers in advance. The deadline for applications is Feb 28, 2022. To apply, please send your application including cv and research statement to: We particularly encourage female candidates to apply. The CRC provides an open and creative scientific environment. As part of the Universities of Regensburg, Essen, and TU Munich, it offers a variety of measures for improving work-life balance, dual career service, child care, and a mentoring program. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Last updated: 16 January 2022

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Apply by 27 February 2022

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