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PhD in Computational Science with specialization in Mathematical Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå university | Umeå, Sweden

Classification: Mathematical statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics announces a position as a doctoral student in computational science with specialization in mathematical statistics and focus on machine learning with medical applications. The position involves four years of doctoral studies, including participation in research and postgraduate courses. The last day to apply is September 30, 2022. Project description and tasks: Better planning of surgeries and subsequent postoperative care can make healthcare more efficient. A planning tool assumes that the patient’s length of stay can be predicted using available data, including pre-surgical data, surgical data, postoperative data, and various registry data types. As a PhD student, you will work within an interdisciplinary research group. The goal is to develop machine learning techniques that can be used to estimate the patient's length of stay and identify risk factors that contribute to extended stays. Knowledge of risk factors is expected to contribute to an increased understanding of how healthcare can be more efficient. The project also aims to develop a systematic approach for using large and complex data and machine learning to improve care processes. The project is jointly funded by Region Västerbotten and Umeå University and the doctoral student will be affiliated with the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation at Umeå University: Umeå offers excellent working and living conditions. The city is young and located right next to a large river. It is surrounded by forests and lakes and lies close by the sea. In the vicinity there are plenty of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Last updated: 1 September 2022

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Apply by 29 September 2022

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