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The 4 contracts are open to all CHL laboratories, IRMAR (Rennes), LMBA (Brest-Vannes), LAREMA (Angers), LMJL (Nantes), and their research topics. The applicants must present a project in line with the laboratory they choose, and a compulsory support letter from one member the host laboratory. The CHL will select the applications based on excellence. A particular attention will be given to applications in relation with the Thematic semesters (Probabilities in 2023, Maths and Health in 2024). The CHL also encourages applications with a structuring project, where researchers from various teams and labs can interract. In this case, we recommand that two support letters from CHL members are provided. Women applications will be particularly encouraged. All applications must go through the webform on the CHL website. Applications must include; - a curriculum vitae, - a research project, - a support letter from a local supporting person (from the host the lab), - at least one recommandation letter from a person outside of CHL.

Last updated: 21 December 2021

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Apply by 30 January 2022

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