3 Years PhD Student Position in Mathematics (80-100%)

University of Bern | Bern


Within the framework of a BeLEARN funded project the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bern invites applications for a 3 Years PhD Student Position in Mathematics (80-100%) The successful candidate will pursue research and publications on selected topics within the mathematics of machine learning. Candidates are asked to submit a research plan which will be discussed and agreed with the supervisors. Further, interdisciplinary and applied contributions to the BeLEARN project Learning Analytics and Adaptive Learning are central parts of the position. Together with the research group of Prof. Dr. Stefan Troche at the Institute for Psychology, solutions for early performance feedback and predictions based on extended data acquisition from large undergraduate courses are developed. In particular, the candidate will contribute to the algorithmic and machine learning aspects. Please visit the following link for full description.

Last updated: 1 April 2022

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