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2 PhD position in mathematical biology

Kassel University | Kassel, Germany


The University of Kassel establishes the interdisciplinary Research Training Group (RTG) “Biological Clocks on Multiple Time Scales” (, which is funded by the German Research foundation from 1. April 2022 on. The RTG aims at investigating the principles of timekeeping in living organisms, enabling to orchestrate periodic processes with very different frequencies ranging from infradian over circadian to ultradian rhythms. The unique approach is to combine the expertise of biologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and engineers to advance the understanding of biological clocks. The RTG comprises 13 projects, two of which are of a more mathematical nature: P9: Models & simulations for new insights in­to physiology of clocks and ways of adapting it (PI: Prof. Elfriede Friedmann) and P11: Model reduction via symmetries and conservation laws for systems on multiple time scales (PI: Prof. Werner M. Seiler). For these projects, we seek outstanding research assistants with a master degree in mathematics or in a closely related field. Advantageous are experiences in dynamical systems, partial differential equations, finite element methods, Lie symmetries, singular perturbation theory or programming. More details can be found at

Last updated: 12 January 2022

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