EMS Handbook: European Congress of Mathematics

4.2.3 Memorandum of Understanding

ECM organizers and the EMS, represented by the EMS President, sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the year of ECM site selection. The MoU describes the duties of the ECM organizers and the EMS.

Responsibilities of the Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee (OC) is responsible for all practical aspects of the organization on site including an attractive exhibition area, for the schedule of the activities, for congress publicity, communication with mathematical societies and their members and the general public. It is also expected to take care of attractive outreach and social programmes.

The OC is furthermore responsible for securing funds for the congress and its organization. The EMS will – based on experiences with previous congresses – advise on matters concerning the budget, registration, accommodation, publications, the congress web site etc. It will also assist in seeking financial support.

Congress fees

The level of the registration fees will be as stated in the bid and approved by the Council. In the case of price changes, the OC can apply to the EC for a modification. The EMS members will benefit of a discounted fee of 20% on the early bird registration fee.

The fees will include two coffee breaks per day, a welcome reception and the conference dinner, as well as organization of Council meeting before the conference.

Scientific and Prize Committees

The preparation of the Congress will be assisted by a Scientific Committee (SC) and by three Prize Committees (for the EMS Prizes, the Felix Klein Prize and the Otto Neugebauer Prize, respectively).

All four committees will be appointed by the EC; the OC will be invited to suggest up to two members of the SC. Concerning the EMS Prizes and the Felix Klein Prize, only the chairs will be made known publicly until the prizes are awarded.

The Scientific Committee must set up an overall scientific programme of the Congress and to select plenary and invited speakers. The OC is expected to cooperate with the SC in order to set up attractive scientific activities promoting the participation of a large number of mathematicians at Congress.

Each of the Prize Committees must select prize winners, following the current rules for each of the prizes.

The OC must provide financial support for the meetings of the committees (travel and accommodation for one personal face-to-face meeting of the SC and the Prize Committee) prior to the Congress, the funding for the ten EMS Prizes, for 10 plenary and up to 30 invited speakers, and for the subsistence and travel expenses of the prize winners.

The EMS is responsible for the announcement of the call for nominations for the different prizes. The EMS will assist and advise the OC in seeking sources of funding, in particular for the EMS Prizes.

Detailed regulations

Plenary and invited speakers, as well as prize winners will have their registrations fees waived.

The OC will offer at least 100 grants for mathematicians from less favoured countries. The EMS will contribute with funds for additional grants.

In any congress publicity, the OC will state that the ECM is the quadrennial congress of the EMS; the EMS logo will be placed prominently.

The congress must have its Proceedings published by the EMS Press (possibly in collaboration with other publishing houses). The OC appoints the editors of the Proceedings. The EC, in consultation with the publisher, will decide about format and distribution of the Proceedings.

As with previous congresses, the OC is expected to publish a scientific congress magazine. Copies of this publication together with EMS publicity have to be included in the conference packs.

The OC will offer the EMS a free booth in the exhibition area; all EMS member societies will benefit of a reduced rate.

The OC will invite mathematicians to organize mathematical conferences and workshops as satellite activities of the congress; it will accept or reject candidates. Meetings that charge a registration fee can only be accepted as satellite activities if the organizers agree to grant at least a 20% discount on registration fees for those participants who also attend the ECM.