EMS Handbook: Standing Committees

2.3.9 Publications and Electronic Dissemination

The remit of the Publications and Electronic Dissemination (PED) committee is to address issues relating to the publishing of scholarly mathematical literature, and access provision, specifically:

  • publishing in a broad sense including electronic publishing, dissemination and long-term preservation, as well as on-line resources of knowledge like open archives, mathematical blogs, Q&A fora, video libraries, knowledge bases, math-aware retrieval etc.;
  • Open Access, sustainable business model;
  • ethics in publishing, scientific quality of publications, peer review, use and misuse of scientometrics (in collaboration with the Ethics Committee);
  • zbMATH Open, including the role of its Scientific User Committee;
  • EMS Press (in collaboration with its Supervisory Board);
  • Digital Mathematics Libraries, their sustainability and enhancement with new forms of knowledge including mathematical software, specialised mathematical research data, etc., efforts towards the Global Digital Mathematics Library.

The PED committee discusses issues of relevance in their remit by email, and the chair sends a report on progress of their discussions to EC before each EC meeting. The committee helps on issues raised by the EC, by producing letters or analysing cases within their scope.

The PED committee also maintains an archive of the discussions and published material related to their work.