EMS Handbook: Standing Committees

2.3.2 Committee for Applications and Interdisciplinary Relations

The purpose of CAIR is to foster interactions between Mathematics and other disciplines in Sciences, Technology, and Social Sciences and to promote the implications of all areas of Mathematics in this endeavour.

More concretely, the committee works on the following tasks

  • Fostering collaborations between mathematics and other disciplines through the facilitation and financial support of events targeted at such interdisciplinary interactions.
  • Promoting the role of mathematics in applications through media and policy makers, and in close collaboration with the Raising Public Awareness (RPA) committee.
  • To strengthen collaboration between the EMS, EU-MATHS-IN, ECMI and mathematical societies worldwide through sharing strategic goals and supporting each others activities.
  • Encourage and support careers of mathematicians who work at the interface with applications.

The ECMI and EU-MATHS-IN presidents are invited to meetings of the committee in an advisory capacity.

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) is a consortium of academic institutions and industrial companies that acts co-operatively with the aims (i) to promote and support the use of mathematical modelling, simulation, and optimization in any activity of social or economic importance, and (ii) to educate Industrial Mathematicians to meet the growing demand for such experts.

EU-MATHS-IN leverages the impact of MSODE (mathematical modelling, simulation, and optimization in a data-rich environment) on innovations in the industry, science, and society. The network has composed and maintains the Strategic Research Agenda for MSODE by leading experts of MSODE from academia and industries, which contains state-of-the-art MSODE methods for and use cases in applications, and research challenges of the next applications. EU-MATHS-IN has started creating the one-stop-shop infrastructure that establishes a portfolio of services and manages contracts between MSODE providers from academia and companies. EU-MATHS-IN is an active member of the TransContinuum Initiative, the collaborative platform of eight European organizations to elaborate joint recommendations in EU work programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe) addressing challenges in the digital continuum.

CAIR meets four times a year.