EMS Handbook: Executive Committee

2.2.9 EC meetings

The EC meets twice a year: in spring, typically on some Friday–Sunday in March / April, and in fall, typically on some Friday–Sunday in October / November, and transacts much of its discussions also by email or further video conferences. The EC meeting circles around Europe and is always hosted by one of the EMS corporate members. Ideally, the spring EC meeting is combined with the EMS Meeting of Presidents. In this case, the EC meets for 1.5 days from Friday morning to Saturday noon, otherwise from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon.

The EC can also meet virtualy in between the spring and fall meetings.

The participants of the EC meetings are EC members, EMS Secretariat, invited guests: the representatives of the host society (which present their society), EMS Magazine Editor-in-Chief, the EMS Publicity Officer, the organizers of the next ECM, one chair of standing committees (selected based on the current situation), and other guests depending on the situation.