EMS Handbook: Executive Committee

2.2.8 EC duties

The Executive Committee represents the Society and shall have general charge of all matters concerning the Society. In particular, the EC:

  • sets up a Nomination Committee to identify well-qualified candidates for the posts of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and other EC members;
  • selects members of standing committees;
  • prepares calls for nominations to prizes, committees, officer positions, etc.;
  • appoints subordinate committees entrusted with special tasks within the general framework of the Society;
  • installs and closes the EMS Topical Activity Groups;
  • elects the Editor-in-Chief of EMS Magazine;
  • together with FIZ Karlsruhe and Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities elects the Editor-in-Chief of zbMATH Open;
  • approves the membership applications of new individual, associate and institutional members;
  • searches for ways to attract new individual and corporate members (for example, introduces new membership types or discounts, conducts mailing campaigns for institutions in Europe, etc.);
  • works on establishing new collaborations with other mathematical societies and institutions (joint events and conferences);
  • builds relations with Funding Organisations and Political Bodies in Europe (EU lobbying and EU framework programmes, ERC, Plan S, etc.);
  • administers the assets and property of the Society;
  • prepares the matters to be discussed by the Council meeting and convenes the meeting;
  • organizes ballots (see Rules 11–13 of the By-laws) for election of individual, institutional and associate member delegates for the EMS Council (spring meeting);
  • appoints representatives of the Society to scientific conferences or meetings;
  • implements the resolutions adopted by the Council meeting;
  • acts as a EU GDPR representative of the London Mathematical Society;
  • approves budget suggestions:
    • on funding by the Meetings Committee (fall meeting);
    • on funding by the European Solidarity Committee (spring and fall meeting);
    • on funding by the Committee for Women in Mathematics;
    • on funding by the Committee for Applications and Interdisciplinary Relations;
    • on funding by the Committee for Developing Countries;
    • on funding by the Committee for Raising of Public Awareness;
    • on funding for the EMS Young Academy;
    • for the budget plan presented to Council (spring meeting);
    • for other budget items.

The Executive Committee shall appoint and dismiss the staff of the Society, define their duties, and confirm their remuneration.

Agreement “zbMATH Open Editor-in-Chief” between the EMS and FIZ Karlsruhe (2021)

It is agreed that the EMS will invoice FIZ Karlsruhe the annual “Editorial Budget” paid to the Editor-in-Chief. The budget, including eventual changes as appropriate, will be planned, and agreed reasonably in advance for each upcoming year. Additional expenditure exceeding the agreed budget may be agreed in advance between the partners. The EMS ensures that the travel expenses are used economically.