EMS Handbook: Executive Committee

2.2.5 Tasks of the Secretary

Preparation of the EC meeting
  • Three weeks before the EC meeting sends a request for a report to the chairs of the standing committees, Publicity Officer, Editor-in-Chief of the EMS Magazine, Representative of the zbMATH Open.
  • Prepares a draft agenda of the EC meeting for the President.
  • Collects all other meeting papers (from the President, the Vice-Presidents and the EMS Office).
  • 10 days before the meeting compiles the papers for the EC meeting into a big pdf file and makes them available on the EC webpage together with all separate files.
  • Sends the papers separately to the Publicity Officer and Editor-in-Chief of the EMS Magazine.
  • Maintains the EC webpage (password protected).
  • Prepares the minutes of the EC meeting.
Preparation of the EMS Council (in close collaboration with the EMS Office)
  • Prepares the Council papers.
  • Prepares the minutes of the Council.
European Mathematical Society (EMS) Publishing House GmbH (EMS Press)
  • Is a member (secretary) of the Supervisory Board of the EMS Press.
  • Prepares the minutes of the Supervisory Board meetings in collaboration with the managing director of the EMS Press.
  • Maintains the EMS Press webpage with the minutes (password protected).