EMS Handbook: Council

2.1.3 Council deadlines

(Tailored to every Council meeting)

  • Council announcement is published on the web in November / December of the year preceding the event; it is also published in the last issue of that year of the EMS Magazine / EMS Digest.
  • In January of the Council year a call is sent to the EMS members to nominate candidates for the EC open positions (deadline: 11 days before the spring EC meeting, usually March).
  • Institutional, associate and individual member delegates nominations (deadline: 11 days before the spring EC meeting, usually March).
  • Full member delegates nominations (deadline: April).
  • Registration of Council delegates and guests (starts immediately after the full member delegates nominations deadline and lasts until one week before the Council).
  • EC candidates send their candidacy documents one month before the Council (so that they are included in the Council papers).
  • Council papers are sent to the delegates and guests one month before the meeting.
  • Council presentations are sent to the EMS Office one week before the meeting.