EMS Handbook: Council

2.1.1 Council composition and meetings

The organ of the Society with decision-making powers is the Council, the supreme authority of the EMS.

The EMS Council meets every second year (even years). The Council consists of the delegates of full member societies, institutional members, associate members and individual member delegates. For details see the EMS Statutes. The quorum of the Council shall be two-fifths of its total number.

Full member delegates are selected by their societies. The number of delegates per society depends on the society’s class. It is not compulsory but is highly recommended that the full member delegates join the EMS as individual members. In order to retain the right to vote full member society must have paid the corporate membership fees for the year the Council is taking place or for the previous year.

Individual member delegates are proposed by and seconded by individual members of the EMS.

Institutional member delegates are proposed by the director of the Institute, seconded by some professor of the Institute.

Associate member delegates are proposed by the President of the associate member, seconded by another member from the same society.

At the spring meeting, the EMS Executive Committee (EC) approves individual, institutional and associate member delegates.

The following guests are invited to the Council meeting:

  • The EC members and the chairs of the EMS standing committees who are not delegates;
  • the EMS Secretariat;
  • the EMS Publicity Officer;
  • the EMS Magazine Editor-in-Chief;
  • the Managing Director of the EMS Publishing House;
  • candidates to be elected for different pending EC positions;
  • ECM bidders/organizers;
  • reciprocity member societies representatives (sometimes);
  • other guests depending on the situation (ICIAM, IMU, etc.).

Guests can participate in the discussions, but do not have a right to vote.