Corporate Membership

According to the EMS statutes, Corporate bodies with legal status may join the Society in one of the following categories:

  • Full members (Class 1: 450€, class 2: 1350€, class 3: 2250€ and class 4: 3600€);
  • Associate members 450€;
  • Academic institutional members 450€;
  • Other institutional members (i.e. commercial organizations, industrial laboratories) 1350€.

Types of corporate membership

  • Full membership is restricted to societies, or similar bodies, primarily devoted to promoting research in pure or applied mathematics within Europe.
  • Associate membership is open to all societies in Europe having a significant interest in any aspect of mathematics.
  • Institutional membership is open to commercial organizations, industrial laboratories or academic institutes.

Full members are elected by the Council and other corporate members by the Executive Committee. Corporate bodies wishing to become members of the EMS should provide appropriate evidence of their nature and activities. Full members will, as decided by the Council, be divided according to size and resources into four classes having 1, 2, 3, or 4 delegates.

List of current corporate EMS members

Benefits of EMS membership as a corporate member:

EMS members contribute towards

  • strengthening connections across the European community of mathematicians;
  • supporting efforts to get backing for mathematics from the European Commission;
  • giving visibility to our discipline in society;
  • disseminating mathematical research at scientific events, and mathematical literature at fair prices.

They enjoy several concrete benefits including

  • 20% discount on books published by EMS Press and ordered via
  • 10% discount on journals published by EMS Press (except Oberwolfach Reports) and ordered via
  • a printed version of the EMS Magazine – the quarterly magazine of the Society – for no extra fee

Reciprocity membership

A reciprocity agreement is an agreement between EMS and another society concerning benefits to joint members. Reciprocity agreements are approved by the Council.

How to join the EMS as a corporate body

If your organization would like to join the EMS as a corporate member, an application letter (in PDF format) with a short description of your institution should be sent to the EMS President and the EMS Office ( in cc. The application should include the full name of your organization, postal address, head person's email and telephone number.