Committee members

NameEmailRoleTenure beginsTenure endsTerm
Julio Moro Carreñojmoro "at" math "dot" uc3m "dot" esChair20172024II
Hüsnü Ata Erbayhusnuata "dot" erbay "at" ozyegin "dot" edu "dot" trMember20212024I
Javier Fernández de Bobadillajbobadilla "at" bcamath "dot" orgMember20182025II
Irene Fonsecafonseca "at" andrew "dot" cmu "dot" eduMember20212024I
Klavdija Kutnarklavdija "dot" kutnar "at" upr "dot" siMember20212024I
Monika Ludwigmonika "dot" ludwig "at" tuwien "dot" ac "dot" atMember20212024I
Michela Ottobremo3 "at" hw "dot" ac "dot" ukMember20222025I
Birgit Richterbirgit "dot" richter "at" uni-hamburg "dot" deMember20222025I
Robert Scheichlr "dot" scheichl "at" uni-heidelberg "dot" deMember20222025I
Claudia Schillingsc "dot" schillings "at" uni-mannheim "dot" deMember20222025I

Terms of Reference

The Meetings Committee of the EMS deals primarily with proposals of activities organized, co-organized, sponsored or endorsed by the EMS, namely EMS Scientific Meetings, EMS Lecturers, EMS Distinguished Speakers, EMS Summer Schools, Special Events, and Activities endorsed by the EMS. The Meetings Committee makes suggestions for the funding. The final financial decision is made by the Executive Committee in the autumn meeting.

For the details, see

Applications for funding should be submitted via the above mentioned page before July31 of each year for the events hapening in the following year.

EC liaison

Luis Narváez Macarro