Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are elected for a period of 4 years. Committee members may be re-elected provided that consecutive service does not exceed 8 years. The President shall not serve as President for more than one period.

Committee members

NameEmailRoleTenure beginsTenure endsTerm
Volker Mehrmannmehrmann "at" math "dot" tu-berlin "dot" dePresident20192022I
Betül Tanbaytanbay "at" boun "dot" edu "dot" trVice President20192022I
Jorge Buescujbuescu "at" gmail "dot" comVice President20212024I
Mats Gyllenbergmats "dot" gyllenberg "at" helsinki "dot" fiTreasurer20152022II
Jiří Rákosníkrakosnik "at" math "dot" cas "dot" czSecretary20212024I
Frédéric Héleinhelein "at" math "dot" univ-paris-diderot "dot" frMember20212024I
Barbara KaltenbacherBarbara "dot" Kaltenbacher "at" aau "dot" atMember20212024I
Luis Narváez Macarronarvaez "at" us "dot" esMember20212024I
Beatrice Pellonib "dot" pelloni "at" hw "dot" ac "dot" ukMember20172024II
Susanna Terracinisusanna "dot" terracini "at" unito "dot" itMember20212024I

Officers elected by the Executive Committee

Publicity Officer: Richard Elwes, University of Leeds, UK, term of office: 01/2015-12/2022.

Terms of Reference

In between Council meetings, the Executive Committee represents the Society and carries out the wishes of Council. The EC consists of ten members, including the President, two vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. It meets at least twice each year, and it transacts much of its discussions by email. It is responsible for appointing subcommittees to deal with particular aspects of the Society's work, and for convening and preparing the business for Council.