ERCOM: European Research Centres on Mathematics.

We are a Committee under the EMS consisting of Directors of 30 European Mathematical Research Centres.

Committee members

NameEmailRoleTenure beginsTenure endsTerm
Adam Skalskia "dot" skalski "at" impan "dot" plChair20212024I
Christophe RitzenthalerChristophe "dot" Ritzenthaler "at" univ-rennes1 "dot" frVice Chair20212024I

Terms of Reference

  1. ERCOM is an EMS committee consisting of Scientific Directors of European Research Centres in the Mathematical Sciences, or their chosen representatives. Only European centres which are institutional members of the EMS, predominantly research oriented, with an international scientific board and a large international visiting programme, covering a broad area of the Mathematical Sciences are eligible for representation in ERCOM. The eligibility of centres is decided by the EMS Executive Committee after consultations with ERCOM.
  2. The purposes of ERCOM are:
    • to constitute a forum for communications and exchange of information between the centres themselves and EMS
    • to foster collaboration and coordination between the centres themselves and EMS
    • to foster advanced research training on a European level
    • to advise the Executive Committee of the EMS on matters relating to activities of the centres
    • to contribute to the visibility of the EMS
    • to cultivate contacts with similar research centres within and outside of Europe
  3. The Chair of ERCOM is proposed by the committee and appointed by the Executive Committee of EMS. A scientific Secretary is appointed by ERCOM. The terms of office of the Chair is four years, with the possibility of reappointment for another two year period.
  4. The Committee meets at least once annually.
  5. The research centres cover the expenses of ERCOM.

EC liaison

Jan Philip Solovej

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