Berlingen Declaration

  1. The presence of applied mathematics in EMS bodies and policy decision making should be significantly increased.
  2. The applied mathematics committee must be kept an active body for the time being. Its mission statement should be adapted to the newrole of the committee. The chair should be invited to the Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Pure and applied mathematics should be equitably represented in the publications of the EMS.
  4. Special interest groups should be created gradually.
  5. EMS should consider increasing its activities by collaborating with international, national and regional societies in organising meetings.
  6. The EMS should further develop its Summer School Programme. It is noted with satisfaction that the existing programme includes topics in both pure and applied mathematics.
  7. EMS should work towards the goals that (a) the students majoring in mathematics should be exposed to applications of mathematics in sciences or other areas; (b) high school teachers have adequate education in applied mathematics and mathematical modelling.
  8. EMS should formulate a position with regard to the Bologna declaration of 1999.
  9. It is noted with satisfaction that the EMS established a committee to raise public awareness of mathematics. EMS should promote local initiatives, encourage collaboration with various organisations, and collect and disseminate information on initiatives of member societies in this area.

Signed by Abarbanel Saul, Alefeld Goetz, Bonilla Luis, Branner Bodil, Brezzi Franco, Capasso Vincenzo, Cioranescu Doina, Cojocaru Svetlana, Dassios Georgios, Di Lorenzo Emilia, Engl Heinz, Engquist Bjorn, Frank Andras, Gaindric Constantin, Gyllenberg Mats, Jeltsch Rolf, Larsen Allan, Markovic Zoran, Martin-Deschamps Mireille, Nevanlinna Olavi, Norton Julia, Perman Mihael, Picard Colette, Piccinini Renzo, Pironneau Olivier, Rendl Franz, Sibillo Marilena, Simar L'eopold, Somersalo Erkki, Stefani Silvana, Stuart Trevor, Teicher Mina, Teugels Jef, Vial Jean-Philippe, Xambo-Descamps Sebasti'a and Yagola Anatoly,
at Berlingen, Sunday, May 6, 2001.